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Conservation Equipment Rentals

Several of New Hampshire’s County Conservation Districts have equipment rental programs to allow farmers to borrow specialized equipment at a low cost for soil health and nutrient management practices. Check out the websites below and contact the individual Districts for… Continue Reading →

No-till Corn Planter Retrofits and Rentals

  What are you interested in? Why no-till? No-till Corn Planter Rentals Corn Planter Retrofit Funding Sign-up Now! Why no-till? Reducing tillage or eliminating it from your regime can improve your soil’s structure and stability, water infiltration and water-holding capacity,… Continue Reading →

No-till Vegetable Transplanting

Reducing tillage is excellent for soil health. Less tillage means better soil structure, better water storage capacity, more organic matter, and happy beneficial microorganisms. But, for many farmers, there are obstacles to reducing tillage. How do you deal with weeds?… Continue Reading →

Strafford and Rockingham County Equipment Field Day- June 21st

Thursday, June 21st, 1-4pm at the Strafford County Farm Free! Please register by contacting us: 603-749-3037 or by filling out this super quick form: Learn how our rental equipment can improve the soil on your farm, conserve nutrients, and… Continue Reading →

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