Reducing tillage is excellent for soil health. Less tillage means better soil structure, better water storage capacity, more organic matter, and happy beneficial microorganisms. But, for many farmers, there are obstacles to reducing tillage. How do you deal with weeds? How do you incorporate soil supplements? How do you terminate a cover crop? These issues can be especially problematic for vegetable producers that prefer to use little to no pesticides and herbicides. If that sounds like you, we want to hear from you!

The Cheshire County Conservation District is leading a statewide project for no-till vegetable producers. CCCD is acquiring specialty equipment to facilitate no-till practices, like no-till transplanters, for farmers to demonstrate on their farms. There will also be workshops, lectures, and other opportunities to learn about how no-till can work for you.

Learn about the Spring & Summer 2019 Equipment Demonstrations

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Read no-till vegetable production case studies on-line here.

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Are you interested in learning more about using no-till vegetable planting equipment, or attending a workshop? Use this form here, or contact Amanda Littleton at the Cheshire County Conservation District at or 603.756.2988 x.116

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